Photo of New Church

A Message from the Pastor

Fr. Robrt J. Vular

     A heartfelt thanks to all of you for the warm welcome Fr Chris and I received on our first weekend in the parishes.  You are so vibrant!  We are so delighted to celebrate the love of the Lord with you!

     One of the aspects that has taken place behind the scenes over the past several months that you may not be aware of is the collaboration of the music ministries between St. Catherine’s and St. Richard’s.  Those of you who are from St. Richard Parish know that Diane Rudolph officially retired from her position as Music Director there in May to care for family members.  Since then, the Adult Choir has asked her to come back to be their director.  Both Diane and I agreed to that, and so she returns to Music Ministry in a limited capacity as just the director of the Adult Choir at St. Richard’s.

     With that said, Mr. James Skalos, presently the Minister of Music at St. Catherine of Sweden, will be the overall new Minister of Music for both St. Catherine of Sweden and St. Richard Parishes effective Monday, October 15, 2018.  Jim will oversee the work of putting together a comprehensive program that will encompass the varied styles of liturgical music as well as programs for all ages.  Both Jim and Diane have worked in collaboration looking at all aspects of each of the programs, and have been developing a plan that will maintain the strong level of commitment to liturgical music that each parish offers.

     In other news, we find it necessary to adjust Eucharistic Adoration Hours at St. Richard’s.  Since January of 2012, 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration has been held at St. Richard’s from Friday mornings at 8:00 am until Saturday mornings at 8:00 am.  The many hours of Adoration have undoubtedly been a blessing to the parish.  However, Eucharistic Adoration requires a commitment as the Blessed Sacrament cannot be left alone.  Over these years, we have tried to have at least two people committed to prayer for each of these hours.  Unfortunately, we have not been successful in this effort.  After almost eight years, many of our hours still have only one adorer, including the overnight hours.  This raises safety concerns, both safety for the Sacrament and safety for the adorers.

     To that end, effective Friday, November 9, Eucharistic Adoration will begin at 12 Noon and conclude at 9:00 pm with Night Prayer.  This gives ample opportunity for everyone to take advantage of praying in front of the Risen Lord, allowing time for those who can only come in the daylight hours and for those who work and can only come in the evening.

     Since we have Eucharistic Adoration every Friday at St. Richard’s, it will no longer be held on the First Friday of each month at St. Catherine’s.  We invite those adorers who went before the Blessed Sacrament at St. Catherine’s to sign up on the sheets in the Narthex of St Richard’s so that we can fill the slots, having at least 2 adorers at all times.   As we move forward, let us continue to grow in devotion to our Eucharistic Lord and pray for His continual blessings on our parish.

     A few of the faithful have asked us what the status will be regarding the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick within Mass on First Fridays at St. Catherine’s.   That will be suspended beginning in November.  One of the reasons is because it takes at least 2 priests to administer the anointings within the context of Mass.  This becomes a challenge because while either Fr Chris or I celebrate the 10:00 am Mass at St. Catherine’s, the other priest is celebrating the 9:30 am Mass each Friday at St. Barnabas Village, which is within the territory of our parish grouping of St. Catherine of Sweden/St. Richard.  We are responsible for the care of souls there as well as in our parishes.

     Beginning next year, we will have a special Anointing of the Sick Mass both in the Spring and in the Fall.  Please note that you do not have to wait for these Masses to be anointed.  You may request anointing at any time if you or your loved one is ill, or going into the hospital, or for spiritual benefit, by calling the Parish Office.

     Fr. Chris and I are so grateful to be journeying On Mission with you.  We look forward to continuing to build the Kingdom together in Hampton/Richland and beyond for many years to come.
                                                                                           In Christ’s Love!
                                                                                           Father Bob