Photo of New Church

A Message from the Pastor

Fr. Steven V. Neff, M. Div.

Nick Clinton, Seminarian

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,         

       It is no secret that the numbers of actively practicing Catholics throughout the Western World are down by large percentages.  I am sure that you know someone either in your family or in your circle of friends who once was a practicing Catholic and now no longer attends Mass.  For us who love our faith dearly, this is nothing short of devastating.  It is easy to get depressed at these realities, but please don’t.  Though the numbers may look bad, God is always at work in us.

     We as Church are at a point of tremendous opportunity to do what we are called to do, evangelize.  So many of our brothers and sisters are in desperate need of Jesus right now, but they have no way of getting to Him.  Well, Church, this is where you are to step in.  The Church is calling you, yes YOU, to go get these people and bring them into our family we call the Catholic Church.  The problem is, evangelizing can be difficult.  So many of us feel inadequately equipped to do so, yet we must.

     The secret is not becoming a theologian, though that is in no way a bad thing.  By all means, watch videos from Formed, watch YouTube videos of Bishop Barron and Fulton Sheen, listen to Catholic Answers and so on, there is so much free information out there for you to learn your faith.  However, if you don’t have the means to do that, just follow the St. Therese model:  Do small things with great love.

     Love is so simple, yet it is so often not implored.  A smile or a hello to a stranger, sitting down and just listening to someone who is struggling, maybe calling a friend or family member you had a falling out with, or inviting a fallen away Catholic back to Mass is a simple act of love that goes such a long way if it is done in the name of Jesus.  This is what the Christ means today by talking about mustard seeds.  These actions are so small, yet they go such a long way in the grand scheme of things.

     So go!  Go out now and love people in the simplest of ways.  Watch how those simple acts of love will transform us into what is truly the Church Alive!

                                                          May the Good Shepherd continue to guide you,
Nick Clinton