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Liturgical Ministries

  • Altar Linen Care
    The altar linens - purificators, corporals, finger towels, etc. - are laundered and ironed for daily and Sunday use in liturgical celebrations.
    Contact Ron Downing at the Parish Office - 412-486-6001

  • Altar Servers

    Children in 4th grade through high school assist the priest as altar servers at weekend Masses, weddings and special liturgical celebrations. Adults assist the priest during weekday Mass and funerals. Training is required for both. Please contact Jim Skalos at the Parish Office - 412-486-6001

    Altar Server Schedule

  • Children's Liturgy of the Word
    The Mass is the center of Catholic life, and this ministry provides an opportunity that is sensitive and geared to enable children to participate in the worship experience. The children are led from the 9:15 a.m. Sunday Liturgy to the Children's Chapel off the Narthex, where the readings from the Children's Lectionary are geared to their level of understanding. Adult presiders and prayer leaders facilitate.
    Contact Julie Thimons at the Parish Office - 412-486-6001
  • Eucharistic Ministers
    Parishioners with a devotion to the Mass, the Sacraments, and the Church are invited to become Eucharistic Ministers. The purpose of this ministry is to assist the priest in the distribution of the sacred Body and Blood of Christ. This can include taking the Eucharist to our brothers and sisters who are unable to attend Mass due to illness or advanced age. Training is required.
    Contact Will Reaves at the Parish Office - 412-486-6001
  • Gift Bearers
    Parishioners have the opportunity to take up the gifts of bread and wine during the Offertory at weekend Masses.  Individuals and families are welcome in this ministry.
    Contact the Parish Office - 412-486-6001
  • Lectors
    Proclaiming the Word of God to His people is the task entrusted to those who join the Ministry of Lectors. Lectors also direct congregational responses and prayers of the faithful during liturgical celebrations. High school students and adults proclaim at weekend and weekday liturgies. Training is required.
    Contact Jim Skalos at the Parish Office - 412-486-6001
    Lector Schedule

  • Liturgical Arts & Environment
    This ministry concentrates on the church atmosphere.  The committee is dedicated to decorating the church in a manner that will enhance the environment for Sunday liturgies as well as special events.
    Contact Ron Downing at the Parish Office - 412-486-6001

  • Music Ministry
    Contact Jim Skalos at the Parish Office - 412-486-6001
    Music Ministry Web Page
  • Ushers
    Ministers of Hospitality locate available seating, collect the offertory and assist in the comfort of the Assembly during Mass.  Men, women, and children over the age of 10, accompanied by an adult, may serve as Ministers of Hospitality.  A training session is required.
    Contact Fr. Bob at the Parish Office, 412-486-6001

  • Wedding Coordinators
    These individuals assist with the needs of the bride, groom & wedding party for weddings held at St. Catherine’s
    Contact Ron Downing at the Parish Office - 412-486-6001