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Mass Intentions

February 17 - February 24

Sunday, February 17, Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sat.    4:00 pm     SCOS     Deceased Members of the Pesce Family
                                                      (J. P. Maggi)

           5:30 pm    SR          Eli Martin (St. Richard Faith Formation Staff)
Sun.    7:30 am    SR          William Baur (Wayne & Joyce Hart)
           9:15 am    SCOS     Joseph Pronio (Julie & Lou Ferraro)
         10:00 am    SR          Louisa Repetti (M/M Louis Guglielemetti)
         12:00 pm    SCOS     For the People

Monday, February 18, Weekday
           8:30 am    SR          Debby McCreary (Wayne & Joyce Hart)
         10:00 am    SCOS     Mary Helen Kennedy (Friend, Angela

Tuesday, February 19, Weekday
         10:00 am    SR          William Klobuchar  (Tom & Mary Merhaut)

Wednesday, February 20, Weekday
           6:30 am    SCOS     Aleko Ververeli (Dn. Cliff & Gretchen
           7:00 am    SCOS     Confessions

Thursday, February 21, St. Peter Damian, bishop & doctor
        10:00 am     SR          Catherine Amery (Alyce Spenser)

Friday, February 22, The Chair of St. Peter the Apostle
          9:30 am     SR          Betty A. Bohatch (Mary Stein)
                                                     (at St. Barnabas RV)
        10:00 am     SCOS    Sanctification of the Gergerich Family
                                                     (St. Joseph Services, Inc.)

        12:00 pm    SR          Eucharistic Adoration

Saturday, February 23, St. Polycarp, bishop & martyr
        11:00 am     SCOS   Confessions
          6:30 pm     SR         Confessions

Sunday, February 24, Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sat.    4:00 pm     SCOS    Mary Wessel (Govi Family)
          5:30 pm     SR         For the People
Sun.   7:30 am      SR        Betty A. Bohatch (Joan Owens)
          9:15 am      SCOS  Catherine Matesic & Maureen Plunkett
                                                Thoman (Matesic/Plunkett Family)

        10:00 am     SR        Carl Talarico (Theresa Talarico)
        12:00 pm     SCOS   Ronald Meinert (Evelyn Fabian)


February 10 - February 17

Sunday, February 10, Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sat.      4:00 pm  SCOS     David Wirl (George & Linda Hammer)
            5:30 pm   SR          William Zierenberg (Beverly Jakub)
Sun.     7:30 am   SR           For the People
            9:15 am  SCOS     Robert Dorsch (Mary Kay Roth & Rick Rach)
          10:00 am   SR          Ted V. Kondrich (Marcia Kondrich)
          12:00 pm  SCOS     Patrick Lennihan (Mary Jane Huber)

Monday, February 11, Our Lady of Lourdes
            8:30 am    SR          Maria Majchrzak (Ray & Terri Drabicki)
          10:00 am   SCOS     In Memory & in Celebration of Michael Harvey
                                                Kovacic’s Birthday (Lynn

Tuesday, February 12, Weekday
           10:00 am    SR         Dick Vogliano (Family)

Wednesday, February 13, Weekday
             6:30 am   SCOS    Mary Lamagra (Maribeth & Ken Cuccinelli)
             7:00 am   SCOS    Confessions

Thursday, February 14, Ss. Cyril, monk & Methodius, bishop
           10:00 am    SR         Carl Talarico (Theresa Talarico)

Friday, February 15, Weekday
             9:30 am    SR         Donald Hansotte (Dee Strunk) (at St. Barnabas)
           10:00 am   SCOS    Harry Snodgrass (Wife, Ruth)
           12:00 pm    SR         Eucharistic Adoration

Saturday, February 16, Weekday
           11:00 am   SCOS    Confessions
             6:30 pm    SR         Confessions

Sunday, February 17, Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sat.       4:00 pm   SCOS    Deceased Members of the Pesce Family
                                                (J. P. Maggi)

             5:30 pm     SR         Eli Martin (St. Richard Faith Formation Staff)
Sun.       7:30 am    SR         William Baur (Wayne & Joyce Hart)
              9:15 am   SCOS   Joseph Pronio (Julie & Lou Ferraro)
            10:00 am    SR         Louisa Repetti (M/M Louis Guglielemetti)
            12:00 pm   SCOS   For the People