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Pastoral Council
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Pastoral Council

Who we are:
The Saint Catherine of Sweden Pastoral Council is an advisory body to Fr. Steve. Our primary role is to provide suggestions, express concerns, and help Fr. Steve and the Pastoral Staff chart the course of the Parish’s life and activity. The membership of the council consists of men and women of the parish who are selected for a three-year term and agree to represent the best interests of their fellow parishioners in matters pertaining to the current and future needs of the parish.

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Purposes and Objectives:

  • To set goals and formulate policies and plans to meet those goals.
  • To provide guidelines and support for Pastoral Council Committees and various ministries of the parish.
  • To monitor the execution of Parish plans and programs and to evaluate their effectiveness.
  • To encourage, facilitate, support and provide liaison with all parish organizations and activities.
  • To work in union with the Pastor and the Parish Finance Council to oversee financial and physical resources, consistent with the goals of the Parish.